The Only Relaxed Hornet you'll ever see


Hornets make their hives by masticating woods into a thin, translucent construction mesh. They make it into many layers of fleshy tissue, and stack them on top of each other. Only the 'queens' reproduce, they also control the hive. Most of the hornets are non - reproducing female workers. They are only capable of performing indispensable community tasks such as gathering of foods, constructing the hive, feeding the young and securing the colony. Workers protect their hive with powerful stingers. They are closely related to yellow jackets and often have resemblance. However they are much more deadly, some species of hornets' sting has the highest amount of toxicity among venomous insects. Hornets are most densely populated in tropical Asia. However, they can also be found in Africa, North America, and Europe.

Hornets, like many social wasps, can assemble its entire nest to sting in defense. This is extremely dangerous to humans. The hornet alarm pheromone is used to raise alarm of nest attack, and to identify prey. It is not advisable to kill a hornet anywhere near a nest, as the distress signal can trigger the entire nest to attack.