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Inside your home, cockroaches will often be found in warm and moist areas. Most cockroaches hide in dark, isolated areas by day. They can be found behind furniture and appliances, as well as under refrigerators, and stoves, and in cupboards or cabinets. They are capable of flattening themselves in order to fit into crevices between floorboards and walls. Roaches are most active at night, during which time they scavenge for food and mate.

Cockroaches emit pheromones, which leave chemical odors in their feces and on their bodies. These pheromones can cause allergic reactions in humans and serve as means of communication between themselves. The odor of the pheromone causes the roaches to cluster together in a harborage area. We utilize this knowledge and implement it how we treat roaches, imitating the chemical to lure them away from infested areas.