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Skunks activities often conflict with human interests. Skunks like to take shelter under homes, decks, or in garages, and their presence is generally not tolerated by occupants of the building, especially if they own pets. All skunks have the ability to discharge a nauseating musk from their anal glands. They are capable of spraying their musk several times accurately up to 10 feet. Confrontation with pets often results in the pet being sprayed or bitten. Skunks can also cause severe damage to gardens and lawns by their digging activities.

Skunks are opportunistic feeders and will turn over turf in search of grubs and worms which is usually why they'll pay a visit to a your home. A good exclusion program for structures and infested areas should prevent most problems of skunks taking up residence under a building. While searching for grubs and other subsoil insects, skunks frequently uproot turf and other plants. This damage consists of small pits ranging from 3 to 5 inches across, or sometimes large sections of sod are rolled back.